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The retreat ministry involves Redemptorists in conducting retreats and recollections for the clergy, religious and laity amongs whom the youth have a special place. Through this ministry, the Redemptorists strive to lead people to greater awareness of their Christian calling and witnessing to their vocation as lay people in their own ecclesial communities. This ministry is carried out in our own retreat houses or elsewhere.

There are three Redemptorist retreat houses in the Southern Phillipines: the Redemptorist Retreat House (Holy Family) in Cebu, the Scala Retreat House in Bacolod, and the St. Clement’s Retreat House in Iloilo.

Our Retreat Houses serve the local Church through retreats and seminars for the diocesan  clergy, religious and lay people. We give preference to retreats and seminars organized by the poor.

Our Retreat Houses are creating an atmosphere conducive to prayer, personal reflection, sharing, liturgical celebration. They strive to bring about a change in attitude, integration of faith and life, richer family living and greater social awareness.

In line with our option for the poor, we make available our retreat houses to the poor, especially those from our mission areas and other apostolates.



  1. I am a Missionary from Zamboanga,I would like to make a private retreat,may I know how much are charging per day?Thank you for your kind attention.

  2. Thank you so much for replying,maybe I will choose the Scala near to my brother`s house,I will just contact the sisters .Again thank you.

  3. We, the ALCHEMY company, would like to organize a recollection this coming April 5, 2014. I would like to ask the amount for the whole day recollection with 2 snacks and 1 meal for lunch…..looking forward for your response.

    1. hi Rodielou,
      can i have your contact no.? so that i can call you.. i would like to ask first the no. of participants do you have, bec. during that day we have a big group who will also having a recollection which is the BCBP they are all 100 pax..

  4. Peace be with you, im planning to have my private retreat next week during holy week do you have any single room non-air available? PLS. Advice so that i can make my booking. another thing do you have daily mass in the retreat house. and can we ask for retreat master or if non confessor during my retreat.

  5. Could you give me an email address or could you email me, so that I can ask you some questions about the availability of your retreat house and other related information. Thanks

  6. Thank you for your email,but I am Outside the Philippines,hope someday I will be home and I will just contact you if ever I will make my retreat.God bless

  7. My name: Tammy Saberon, Missionary Sister of St. Columban. I wish to inquire your rates. I wish to avail of your facilities, stay in, for myself, non-aircon room and for 1 or two lay young women non-aircon on May 16,2015 arriving by boat from Ozamiz City, the lay women are in Cebu. This means we start on May 16, A.M. and end before supper on May 17.Thank you for your kind response to this.

    1. Hi Sister Tammy,

      Regarding with your inquiry our single non aircon room is P750.00 inclusive of 3 meals & 2 snacks, our double non-aircon room is P 1,300.00 also inclusive of 3 meals & 2 snack.. Can i have your contact number sister? tanx

  8. Gud pm, I’m John Canillo, i would to conduct a retreat on May 16 together with my 11 students, how much would it cost? may i have your address or contact number?

    1. hi sir john,

      you have to sign first the booking form then you must pay the down payment first before the schedule of the activity.
      you can call thru our cell phone no. 0923- 3605838

  9. Good Evening. I am planning to have a one to two days private retreat this month. I would like to inquire how much does it cost to have a private retreat in your place. I will prefer to have a room good for one person only, which includes meals and snacks. Also,do you hold mass everyday? Thank you.

    1. Hi Ms. Lovely,

      Regarding with your inquiry our double aircon room is P 1,690.00 & non aircon is P 1,300.00 inclusive of 3 meals & two snacks. Yes we have mass everyday @ 6am monday to saturday & during sunday we have community mass @ 8 am.. You can contact me with nos. 232-6564, 231-2984 & 0923-360-5838. Can i have your number? Thank You & God Bless..


  10. a blessed day.
    we are having our annual youth camp in our ministry and with regards to this, we are looking for a convenient venue. I found your place a good one, but, do you accept youth camps?
    how much is for a dorm type of room?
    thank you and God be with you.

  11. May I know the occupancy load of your retreat house? What is the maximum population you can accommodate? Pls reply asap 🙂

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